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Blender video lessons

Blender.00-Betty Edwards-Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain.avi

Blender.59-HowTo-Time Saving Tips.avi

Blender.42-HowTo-Controlling Blender's Scaling and Rotation Pivot.avi

Blender.50-HowTo-Modelling A Female Ear.mp4

Blender.46-HowTo-Cool FX.avi

Blender.41-HowTo-Blender Screens.avi

Blender.54-HowTo-Modelling Country Path-part3.flv

Blender.53-HowTo-Modelling Country Path-part2.flv

Blender.43-HowTo-Rendering Solid Wireframes.avi

Blender.51-HowTo-Modelling A Female Face-Adrianna.avi

Blender.45-HowTo-Move Rotate Scale without Keystrokes.avi


Blender.60-HowTo-Titling Basics.swf



Blender.48-HowTo-Blender Camera Control-part2.avi

Blender.58-HowTo-Mouse Animation Probe.swf



Blender.61-Tips-Blender Tricks.avi

Blender.29-Materials-Mixing Materials Using Texture Painting-Extended.avi

Blender.52-HowTo-Modelling Country Path-part1.swf


Blender.03-GettingStarted-Vital Functions-part1.avi



Blender.32-Materials-Environmental Map Mirroring.avi

Blender.33-Materials-Electron Microscope Material_Displacement and Mirror Modifiers.avi

Blender.35-Lighting-Animating Light Attributes and Using Light Groups in Render Layers.avi


Blender.36-Rendering-Intro to Render Layers.avi

Blender.11-Modelling-Tracing With Curves.avi

Blender Render-Cool FX.mov

Blender.31-Materials-Fake SubSurface Scattering.avi

Blender.39-Rendering-Animating Focal Plains Using Render Layers and Composite Nodes.avi

Blender.38-Rendering-Glow Effect with the Compositor or Sequencer.avi

Blender.25-Simulation-Rigid Bodies.avi


Blender.09-Modelling-Warp Tool Text.avi

Blender.34-Animation-Multiple UV Sets.avi

Blender.04-GettingStarted-Vital Functions-part2.avi

Blender.55-HowTo-360 Render.swf

Blender.44-HowTo-Navigation In The Buttons Window.avi


Blender.37-Rendering-Using Render Layers to do an Ambient Occlusion 'Pass'.avi

Blender.07-Modelling-Modeling A Box Pyramid.avi

Blender.06-Modelling-Blender Tips 1-8.avi

Blender.56-HowTo-Mouse Animation.swf




Blender.26-Materials-Material Indices.avi


Blender.28-Materials-Mixing Materials Using Texture Painting.avi


Blender.30-Materials-Animating Node Materials.avi

Blender.57-HowTo-Mouse Animation Handheld Camera.swf


Blender.10-Modelling-Shape Keys Warp Tool.avi


Blender.27-Materials-Mixing Material Using Vertex Painting.avi

Blender.05-GettingStarted-Saving User Settings.avi



Blender.49-HowTo-Cutting A Hole in Your Mesh.mov

Blender Render-Candle.mov

Blender.40-UVMapping-Texturing A Human Head.mov

Article-To Those Learning 3D.djvu

Blender Render-Particle Storm.mov

Beginners Knowledge Test.zip


Article-Video Textures.pdf



Blender.39-Rendering-Animating Focal Plains Using Render Layers and Composite Nodes-result.avi

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Some D20 Modern books

D20 Modern - Urban Arcana.pdf

D20 Modern - Ultramodern Firearms.pdf

D20 Modern - Spycraft.pdf

D20 Modern - Sourcebook - Blood And Space Campaign Setting.pdf

D20 Modern - Sourcebook - Arsenal Conversion Document (Magical Firearms).pdf

D20 Modern - Shadow Chasers.pdf

D20 Modern - Pulp Heroes.pdf

D20 Modern - Mutants and Masterminds .pdf

D20 Modern - Modern Player'S Companion Volume One(1).pdf

D20 Modern - Menace Manual.pdf

D20 Modern - Mecha Crusade.pdf

D20 Modern - Magic Volume Two.pdf

D20 Modern - Magic Volume One.pdf

D20 Modern - Magic Items - Thaumatech.pdf

D20 Modern - Guns Guns Guns.pdf

D20 Modern - GM Screen.pdf

D20 Modern - GeneTech.pdf

D20 Modern - Gamma World d20 Player'S Handbook.pdf

D20 Modern - Future - Starship 6 - a Duo of Fighters.pdf

D20 Modern - Future - Starship 12 - Horizon Traveller.pdf

D20 Modern - Future - Starship 09 - Devastator.pdf

D20 Modern - Future - Starship 08 - The Magellan.pdf

D20 Modern - Future - Starship 07 - The Cronkite.pdf

D20 Modern - Future - Starship 05 - Havamal.pdf

D20 Modern - Future - Starship 04 - The Livingstone.pdf

D20 Modern - Future - Starship 03 - The Black Mantis.pdf

D20 Modern - Future - Starship 01 - The Nova Star.pdf

D20 Modern - Firearms.pdf

D20 Modern - D20 Past.pdf

D20 modern - d20 Future[Ilustrations and OCR].pdf

D20 Modern - d20 Apocalypse.pdf

D20 modern - Cyberpunk.pdf

D20 Modern - Core Rulebook.pdf

D20 Modern - Character Sheet.pdf

D20 Modern - Bounty Hunters.pdf

D20 Modern - Blood And Relics campaign setting.pdf

D20 Modern - Blood and Guts - Modern Military.pdf

D20 Modern - Blood And Fists (Martial Arts).pdf

D20 Modern - Apocalypse (WTC88046).pdf

D20 Modern - Ammunition Variants.pdf

D20 Modern - 1001 Sci-Fi Weapons.pdf

D20 Modern - Cyberscape.pdf

D20 Future - Future Tech.pdf

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Odin Sphere [PS2USA](DAGGER)

Odin Sphere is a striking game. One look at the ethereal fantasy world and its cast of astoundingly detailed characters and you'll want to see more. In fact, the game looks so good that it might take you a while to realize that beneath all that hand-painted artwork is a very basic beat-'em-up. It's a good beat-'em-up, though, and not just because it looks fantastic. Despite serious performance issues, Odin Sphere successfully brings together gorgeous, stylized visuals and satisfying gameplay in a lengthy and engaging adventure.



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Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer [HATRED]

Rel.date: 27/09/2007
protection: SecuROM
Size: 3.56gb(1 dvd)
Genre: RPG

Following the climactic battle against the King of Shadows, you
awaken alone and stranded deep beneath the earth. A dark hunger
grows within you, threatening to devour your very soul. Will you
fight against the hunger within or will you embrace it, revelling
in your newfound power?
Set in harsh, spirit-rich Rashemen, near the powerful nation of
Thay, Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer presents players
with an exciting new 20-30+ hour campaign filled with meaningful
choices, rich characters, and surprising outcomes. Continue the
adventure of your Neverwinter Nights 2 character or create a
completely new epic hero - no previous Neverwinter Nights
experience required. Hundreds of new gameplay options include epic
levels; feats, spells, races, and classes; powerful weapons,
armour, and crafting options; and hordes of diverse creatures.

* Major improvements to the Neverwinter Nights franchise: enhanced
graphics, including extensive use of specularity, environment
effects, and normal maps; improved performance; streamlined
party control; and an easier to use and more powerful toolset.
Experience Neverwinter Nights 2 at its best.
* Epic storyline provides the most riveting RPG experience since
Planescape: Torment, with the compelling characters and
plotlines for which Obsidian Entertainment is renowned. Play the
official campaign either alone or online with your friends.
* Stunning new environments include the Astral Plane, sunken
Imaskari ruins, a Thayan wizard academy, and the Shadow Plane.
Immerse yourself in the Forgotten Realms as you've never seen it
* Explore an amazingly reactive world, where your decisions affect
those around you and the passage of time realistically impacts
* Switch seamlessly between exploration and tactical combat with
the immersive, over the shoulder view of Character Mode and the
top down perspective of Strategy Mode with its RTS-like
* Combat and negotiate with dozens of new creatures including many
D&D favourites such as blue dragons, treants, hags, solars, and
the two-headed fell troll.
* Choose from over 20 classic and exotic D&D races, including the
new genasi: planetouched humanoids hailing from the elemental
planes of air, earth, fire, or water.
* Customize your character with over 60 epic feats including the
monk's Blazing Aura, the rogue's Epic Precision, and the druid's
Dragon Shape.
* Master more than 50 new spells, including epic spells such as
mass fowl, damnation, and vampiric feast.
* Play new D&D classes such as the Red Wizard of Thay, spirit
shaman, and invisible blade.


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Release Group: FAiRLiGHT
Protection: Securom7
By: EA Sports, EA Canada
Genre: Soccer Sim
Release Date: Oct 9, 2007
Players: 1 Player; 2 Online

System Requirements:


* Windows® 2000, Windows® XP & Windows® Vista*
* Pentium® 4 1,3 GHz (Windows Vista 1,5GHz)
* 256 MB RAM (Windows Vista 512 MB RAM)
* 3 GB free space
* 64 MB GFX Card
* 8x DVD
* DirectX 9

* Windows Vista needs 1,5GHz and 512 MB RAM

Supported Chipsets:

* nVidia GeForce 3 or better
* ATI Radeon 8500 or better
* Intel 915/945/950/GMA 3000

Screenshots: (click to enlarge)


* English
* Danish
* Swedish

Install Notes:

1. Burn/mount with your favorite software
2. Install
3. When asked for serial enter the one from the NFO
4. Copy our crack from DVD to game dir overwriting the old
5. Play

Fifa2008 FAiRLiGHT

Bioshock PCDVD9

Release Group: ONEHiTWONDER
Protection: SecuRom, OnlineCheck, Serial
By: 2K Games
Release Date: Aug 21, 2007
Gamespot - 8.9/10

System Requirements:


* Windows Vista
* Windows XP


* CPU: Pentium 4 2.4GHz Single Core processor
* System RAM: 1GB
* Video Card: Direct X 9.0c compliant video card with 128MB RAM (NVIDIA 6600 or better/ATI X1300 or better, excluding ATI X1550)
* Sound Card: 100% direct X 9.0c compatible sound card
* Hard disc space: 8GB free space


* CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo processor
* System RAM: 2GB
* Video card:
o DX9: Direct X 9.0c compliant video card with 512MB RAM (NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GT or better)
o DX10: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 or better
* Sound Card: Sound Blaster® X-Fi™ series (Optimized for use with Creative Labs EAX ADVANCED HD 4.0 or EAX ADVANCED HD 5.0 compatible sound cards)



* English
* French
* German
* Italian
* Spanish

Bioshock OneHiTWONDER DVD9

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World in Conflict FAiRLiGHT

Release Group: FAiRLiGHT

Size: 4.163 GB (DVD5)

Protection: SecuROM7

Developer, distributor: Massive Entertainment, Sierra Entertainment

Genre: Real-time Strategy

Release Date: Sep 18, 2007

Number of Players: 1-16


IGN: 9.3

Release name: World_In_Conflict-FLT.iso


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